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Lubricating tools for cars


Automotive lubrication tools include two types of special attachments. They are most commonly referred to as syringes. There are syringes:

• For filling and pumping motor and transmission motor oils
• For lubrication of assemblies requiring regular lubricant renewal

Each type of syringe can only be used for the operation for which it is intended. For example, lubricating a rubbing pair with an oil syringe simply won't work, you need a grease gun! For further details, go here: best manual grease gun

The GarageTuls catalog contains the entire range of demanded and up-to-date lubricating tools. In addition, separate subsections provide additional accessories and consumables that may be required for lubrication or oil filling.

So that our customers can quickly find and buy the type of lubricating tool they need, this catalog is divided into thematic subsections. Each of them contains detailed information about a specific group of products: purpose, design, principle of operation, characteristics and recommendations for selection.

Below is general information to help you become familiar with the range of lubrication tools and accessories.

Manual Oil Syringes

This class of lubricating tool has received a simple and reliable design. With the help of a piston, automotive oil is taken into the syringe reservoir, which is then pumped and poured into a specific unit or unit (for example, an engine or a gearbox).

An oil syringe is often the only way to pour oil into a hard-to-reach assembly. This is due to the fact that the device is very compact. In addition, it is equipped with either a flexible or a rigid long tube - especially for hard-to-reach places.

In order to be guaranteed to buy a syringe for proper quality oil, we recommend choosing a tool from the assortment of the Licota brand. The lubrication tool of this manufacturer belongs to the professional class. It meets high quality standards and features enhanced usability.

Pneumatic and manual plunger grease guns


This type of lubricating tool is used to lubricate rubbing pairs (vehicle parts that regularly require extrusion). The syringe tip is connected to a grease fitting, after which grease is supplied to the assembly. If the grease nipple is located in a hard-to-reach place, a flexible hose with a grease tip is used to access it.

In turn, all lubrication devices are divided into two subspecies:

• Compressed air grease guns
• Manual grease guns (plunger).

The hand tool for lubricating vehicle components is reliable and easy to use. In addition, it has a very democratic and affordable cost. Pneumatic lubrication tools are much faster and more efficient in operation, but they also cost a lot more. It is usually purchased in cases where it is necessary to perform injection in large volumes and at the highest possible speed - for example, in a production area.

Therefore, for personal use, we recommend purchasing a plunger grease gun . And for professional use (production and large car services) it is best to choose an air syringe for lubrication .

Lubricating Tool Consumables and Accessories

Grease gun tips are often subject to heavy wear. If such a part is completely worn out or broken, do not be upset - you can buy lubricating tips as a separate item . Their price is very modest, so they are affordable for everyone. They may also be needed as an adapter for certain types of grease nipples.

As far as additional accessories for the lubricating tool are concerned, these are primarily flexible lubrication hoses. Some syringe models are equipped with these accessories already in the kit. And for those syringes that are not equipped with them, it is always possible to purchase a lubricating hose of the required size.

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